RFID Based Attendance System using Arduino, RTC & LCD Display

RFID Based Attendance System using Arduino (Last Updated On: June 3, 2019)


In this project we have designed RFID Based Attendance System using Arduino. EM-18 RFID Reader is very simple yet effective module. It is an RFID module and is used for scanning RFID cards. Its a new technology and is expanding day by day. Now-a-days it is extensively used in offices where employees are issued an RFID card and their attendance is marked when they touch their card to RFID reader. We have seen it in many movies that when someone places ones card over some machine then door opens or closes. In short, its a new emerging technology which is quite useful.

In this project, we have interfaced RFID EM-18 Module with Arduino, RTC Module DS3231 and 20*4 LCD display. RFID Based Attendance System is a wonderful project for final year electronics & electrical students. Earlier we have designed RFID Based Security System using Arduino & Servo. Visit the link to learn more about it before starting the project.

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Components Required:

To design RFID Based Attendance System using Arduino, we require following components:

1. Arduino Uno Board (Buy Online from Amazon)
2. DS3231 or DS1307 RTC Module - (Buy Online from Amazon)
3. EM-18 RFID Reader - (Buy Online from Amazon)
4. 20*4 LCD Display - (Buy Online from Amazon)
5. Push Buttons - 4
6. LEDs - 2 (green & red)
7. Buzzer

RFID Based Attendance System using Arduino

Block Diagram:

This is the block diagram of our project RFID Based Attendance System using Arduino, RTC & LCD Display. Here Arduino UNO acts a central processor for controlling all other components as input/output unit.

RFID Based Attendance System using Arduino

We have used 5 volt power supply to power all the components used in this project. RFID Reader module is interfaced with Arduino to read the data from RFID Card/tag. Real Time Clock (RTC) Module DS3231 is used to display the current time and date on the LCD as well as arriving and leaving time of the users. LCD displays every output like current date & time, information of users, no of staffs present or absent and menu options from 1 to 4.

Red & Green LED is used for the indication of arriving and leaving. Similarly buzzer produces sound whenever the interrupt is detected. The very important part of this block diagram is EEPROM part. EEPROM stands for Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory. It stores the data when ever the users swaps the card over RFID reader.

Circuit Diagram:

RFID Based Attendance System using Arduino

Working of the RFID System

Functioning Principle of RFID Device is explained below:

• RFID (radio frequency identification) is a technique facilitating identification of any product or item without the requirement of any line of sight amid transponder and reader.

• RFID Structure is continuously composed of 2 main hardware components. The transponder which is located on the product to be scanned and the reader which can be either just a reader or a read & write device, depending upon the system design, technology employed and the requirement. The RFID reader characteristically comprise of a radio frequency module, a controlling unit for configurations, a monitor and an antenna ti investigate the RFID tags. In addition, a number of RFID readers are in-built with an extra interface allowing them to forward the data received to another system (control system or PC).

• RFID Tag – The actual data carrying tool of an RFID structure, in general comprise of an antenna (coupling element) and an electronic micro-chip.

Working of RFID Based Attendance System using Arduino:

In this project, we have designed an RFID based attendance system using Arduino. First we store a set of RFID card data in our system. You can store any number of RFID data, but we have only stored 10 RFID tag number.

When the person with the correct RFID card come & swipes his RFID card, his arrival time will be stored on the system using EEPROM command displaying “welcome” message on LCD. When the same person swipes his RFID card for the second time, the system will save it as his leaving time displaying “See You”. The interval between first card swap and second card swap is the total working hours that is stored as a data.

RFID Based Attendance System using Arduino

Source Code/Program:

Before uploading the code to the Arduino board, edit the program else you won’t be able to get the desired result. Make sure to replace the RFID number with that present in your RFID tag. Also change the time table and date in order to get present time, date & day. Change the admin name and assign particular admin name so that admin can clear data.

Download Source Code/Program

To understand full working and how to deal with the project watch the video tutorial below. Also to learn about the code editing and from the same video below.

Video Preview & Tutorial:

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